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The Importance Of A Strategy When Playing Roulette

Most people think that it is very complicated or even impossible to challenge and fold at random. One of the most popular games in casinos is roulette, but there are many that find it quite difficult to play and win.

However, techniques have been used for many years to increase the odds of winning at roulette. Colors, numbers, combinations, or mathematics, there are many strategies used by players throughout history. Some of the most effective and popular are listed below.

What is the Martingale trick?

One of the most used tricks to win at roulette is the Martingale. It is a classic in the history of this game. The player will only have to be very patient and let the statistics take their course.

The individual must have on hand the money they intend to spend and follow this simple process: they must double the lost bets until they win. The truth is that it is very likely to obtain benefits if this method is followed, although what cannot be assured is how long it takes to achieve them.

What is the Fibonacci system?

Another system that some players usually use in roulette is the Fibonacci series, which applies the use of the infinite sequence of natural numbers established by Leonardo Fibonacci. The truth is that for many experts, this technique should only be used in an emergency since more times are lost than they are won, but in the event that it is won, great benefits can be obtained.

The Fibonacci method works as follows: if the individual loses a hand, his next bet will have to include the sum of his two previous bets. Since the progression of the sums is slower, the player will need less capital to continue in long series, although if he wins, he will only receive the money from his last two bets.

Do you know the James Bond trick?

In the James Bond saga of novels created by Ian Fleming, the world’s top secret agent employed a roulette tactic that, according to its author, is infallible, fail-safe, and bordering on perfection.

The player who wants to carry it out must invest at least two hundred euros since they will have to bet one hundred and forty on the highest numbers, that is, on the numbers between nineteen and thirty-six, both included. You must also put fifty euros in the six numbers between thirteen and eighteen. Finally, you must put ten euros at zero.

It is a multiple bet in which the individual would only lose if the ball falls on the squares with numbers between one and twelve. In the case of winning, you would get eighty euros if the ball falls between nineteen and thirty-six, one hundred euros if it falls between thirteen and eighteen and one hundred and sixty euros if it falls on zero.